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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Hidden Wonder for Film-goers

It's Friday night and you and your friends are trying to decide what to do. Everyone is throwing ideas up in the air, but the major concern is the expense of each activity. It's a good night to see a movie, but each movie theater cost eight dollars or more. But tucked away into a small shopping center is Robinson Crossing 6, a two dollar theater that is a mystery to many college students.
Robinson Crossing 6 is located between W Robinson Street and Pheasant Run Rd, right next to Interstate 35. It's a little tricky to find at first, because it doesn't look like your average movie theater, it blends into the surrounding brick buildings. Once inside, the clean lobby and friendly staff makes anyone feel welcome.
Benjamin Wood, an employee at Robinson Crossing 6, said that this was the only cheap movie theater in Norman to his knowledge. He added that not many college students went to this movie theater, even with Twilight showing. You would think Twilight plus cheap tickets would attract a wild crowd of college students?
While standing in the empty lobby, talking to Benjamin, every staff member who walked by was extremely friendly to me. I'm writing this blog in hopes of promoting this business, it's such a great way to save money when college students want to go out. It's cheap and the movies are pretty recent as well. It's a little secret in Norman that hopefully will be noticed by the college student community.

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