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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Part-time Employment at OU

With the summertime approaching, students find relief knowing their stress level will decline. Students will be able to enjoy the sunshine, unwind and rather then being consumed by homework, enjoy that novel that has been sitting on the bookshelf for months. Even though summertime takes away college anxiety there is still something that lurks around the corner: next semester. Along with the approaching classes students still have to be financially conscience and help their parents save money. How can students do this? By getting a job at the university.
Students can find jobs being offered at OU by simply going to the website There, click on search listings and find a job that appears interesting. There is an online OU job application students can fill out and use for several different positions.
There are a variety of jobs offered at OU that can go a long with any major. Not only are the parents being helped out financially, but it great experience and something that can be put onto a resume after graduation.
By having a job during college, students will get the satisfaction and fulfillment by earning a little extra spending money and not emptying out their parent’s wallets.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Take Action: Free Tutoring

With finals quickly approaching students realize it's time to concentrate on their studies and get any final questions answered. It can be difficult confronting a professor or working around their office hours. That's why The University of Oklahoma offers a free tutoring service called U.C. Action.

The Assessment and Learning Center offers free academic help for many courses. Students are welcome to walk-in and get help or set up an appointment. Besides tutoring for classes, there are also several different sessions that focus on students becoming successful academically, such as how to take notes and studying skills.

U.C. Action is available every semester and begins the second week of each semester. Tutoring is mainly offered at Wagner Hall and the Housing Learning Center located at Adams Center in Muldrow Tower.

What are you waiting for students? Utilize this convenient and FREE service and get the benefit of making better grades because of it. For more information on where each course tutoring session is located visit:

Julia Baty, a sophomore at OU and a U.C. Action tutor highly recommends this free service.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Valerie Hall Spotlight

College is a place where one leaves memorable footprints over what they have achieved. Whether these footprints are upon the football field imprinted by successful players or found in the classroom because of some academic accomplishment, every student leaves a mark. Valerie Hall, a junior at the University of Oklahoma has already left a trail of footprints across campus because of her involvement at OU. Her philosophy on life is to take advantage of every opportunity, something that propels her through her success. After being elected into the position of Campus Activities Council Chair, Valerie intends to grasp every chance she gets in making her college career fulfilling and rewarding.