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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Freelance Journalist: Brooke Adcox

When our Multimedia Journalism teacher told us to do a project over someone who has a job we want in the future, I had no idea who to cover. I love to write and eventually I would like to write for a travel/cultural magazine. I decided to cover Brooke Adcox because she has been a successful journalist and writes for the same kind of niche I hope to one day write for.

During her time at The University of Oklahoma, Brooke wanted to write for a magazine but didn't know where to look. After graduation, she was hired as the associate editor of photography for Oklahoma Today magazine. She worked there for a couple of years writing captions and then got into public relations for a company in Oklahoma. Now, Brooke works as a project manager for a company based out of Florida that creates tourism websites. Along with this full-time job, Brooke still remains involved with Oklahoma Today as a freelance writer.

Steffie Corcoran, the Senior Editor for Oklahoma Today Magazine said that, "Brooke is an incredible writer and reporter. She learned everything she needed to know about being an Oklahoma Today freelancer while she was our associate editor. Now, she has all the skills necessary to nail every assignment we give her."

While interviewing Brooke, I could see how passionate she was about writing. According to Terry Parkhurst from Pudget Sound Business Journal, "most freelance journalists can't make a living by just writing." Brooke doesn't have to be a freelance journalist, however she does it because she loves to write. It's refreshing to see someone who has so much drive and devotion for something. Brooke said, "I love the magazine, I love to write, I like to keep my skills sharp," and that is why she continues to write.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get To Class The Cheap Way

Whether students take the shuttle from their apartments to campus or have a parking permit, transportation around OU is critical to think about. If students live off campus and don't want to purchase a parking permit, there is the Cleveland Area Rapid Transit, a free bus system that takes students to campus. There is also a free shuttle that leaves from Lloyd Noble Center every ten to fifteen minutes.
If students wish to drive their cars to school, student parking permits are $195 and can be used from August until May. Summer parking permits are a lot cheaper, they only cost $27 and are valid from May 16 until August 15. So travel the smart and cheap way! Utilize the free shuttles and buses, it's a great way to save money and a little gas!